Welcome to "TOP" Language Study Center

We offer a great service for anyone wishing to improve on their language and communication skills in English and German. We also offer short term quality training in Mongolian language for foreign students. Our training center has excellent instructors ready to assist you in your learning experience. 

At "TOP" Language Study Center we have been giving quality instruction for over 5 years now.
We have knowledgeable Mongolian and American teachers to conduct our classes.  Our classrooms are equipped for training and offer many books in English, German, and Mongolian language.  Our teachers have been trained and educated to take great pride in their classes and devote time and personal attention to each student.  You will progress quickly and confidently.  Our friendly atmosphere is enhanced by a knowledgeable staff.  Our goal is to make your time at our study center be an enjoyable and successful one. 

“TOP” Language Study Center
Sukhbaatar District
Zuun Ail - 11th Khoroolol - Ikh Toiruu
“Ardiin-Erkh” Newspaper Building
Mongol News - 3rd Floor, Room 321
Ulaanbaatar - 14193
Ph. (976) 354700, 99812702
Email: toplanguageandtravel@yahoo.com

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